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Vacuums and Air Purifiers for sale

Family owned and operated for more than 55 years.

We take pride in the products we sell and the services we provide. 

Our Story

Smith Sweeper Service was established in 1960 by Don Smith.  At that time it was located on 411 S 16th Street, Lafayette , Indiana in a small one room building.  He repaired vacuums and sold bags, belts, and other parts.  In 1967 he sold the business to Joe Ward who operated the business in much the same way.  In 1983 he sold the business to his nephew, Rudy Gardiner. 

Rudy and his wife Teri continued the operating the business at that location until 1986 when they moved Smith Sweeper Service to 2814 Main Street, Lafayette Indiana.  A new location that tripled space deserved a new name so it was changed to Smith Sweeper Sales and Service Inc. 

Along the way both their children contributed to the success of the business.  Their daughter Jennie worked for them part time during high school and college.  Their son Tim joined the team in 2002.

The business continued to grow and in 2000 to keep up with times, they changed their name to Smith Vacuums.  They began selling commercial equipment, increased their line of vacuums and added sewing machine repair to their services. 

After 33 years Rudy and Teri decided it was time to retire.  They sold the business to their son and His wife Candace.  We are continuing to bring the same level of high quality service to the community